Community News: Peters Twp Farmer’s Market Begins Today!


Visit their official website here.

Summer. The word alone has a power to it: It conjures up images of crashing waves painted in shades of turquoise and toes sunk deep beneath the sand, friends and family conversing around the orange glow of a fire pit, and the pure joy of heading outside without a coat.

Each person finds their own particular joy in the season. Many students are thrilled to be away from the classroom. Baseball fans can’t wait to hear the crack of the bat as they refresh their palates with their favorite hometown beer. And, let’s not forget our pets. They rejoice in romping around on the freshly cut lawn.

Surely one sensory memory that will come to mind is that of the outdoor grill. Steaks. BBQ ribs & chicken. Shrimp kabobs. And vegetables. Lots and lots of grilled veggies.

Luckily for residents of the South Hills and surrounding areas, the Peters Township Farmer’s Market returns this coming Wednesday, May 24. This is yet another staple of the summer you can’t miss.

Here’s the mission of the market, in its own words:

The Peters Township Farmers’ Market provides an opportunity for residents of South Hills to buy local, fresh products for their families, directly from the farmers and artisans that produce them!

We hope to encourage relationships between producer and consumer and to limit the distance food and goods travel from farm to table. A ministry of St. David’s Episcopal Church, the Market is designed to provide a place for neighbors to meet and relate, while they shop for excellent, locally grown food.

If you share a passion for sustainable farming and fresh, local goods, we hope you’ll come and see what the market has to offer!

Featuring over 30 local vendors, the market takes place every Wednesday from 3-7 PM until September 27. If you’d like to view the list of current vendors, please click here. At the Karen Marshall Group, we’re always proud and in awe of our local communities because of events like this. If you’re thinking of moving closer to the South Hills or Peters Township, we’re happy to talk to you about the area and the current housing market. We’re a wealth of knowledge, and we LOVE to talk about our region.

Have you visited the farmer’s market? Let us know!